Fiber Splicing and Glass Processing Services

3SAE Technologies

3SAE specializes in fiber processing services to meet your production requirements, from proof of concept, through qualification to volume production. We utilize our comprehensive range of patented technologies which includes fiber preparation and fiber splicing/glass processing equipment.

Full Spectrum of Fiber Splicing and Glass Processing Services

Many companies turn to 3SAE to leverage our years of experience and expertise in optical fiber preparation and glass processing. In addition, 3SAE develops, patents, and manufactures most of the equipment utilized in our production labs. This is a direct benefit for our clients as we provide high quality, cost effective deliverables in a timely manner.

Our services range from standard SMF/PM spliced assemblies to process-intensive optical components such as fused fiber bundles, optical combiners, mode field adapters, end caps, ball lenses, tapered axicon lenses, fiber attenuators, soft-glass and micro-diameter fusion splicing. 3SAE's proprietary fiber preparation and splicing technologies supports diameters from 80µm to less than 25µm.

20um Silica Spliced to 25um Soft Glass End Cap 585um Ball Lens 660um to 10mm End Cap (1mm Tapered Input)
20um Silica Spliced to 25um Soft Glass End Cap 585um Ball Lens 660um to 10mm End Cap (1mm Tapered Input)


Support for All Stages of Development and Production

3SAE consults with our clients to determine the most efficient path forward and provides services for all stages of development and production including R&D, proof of concept and prototyping. We support low volume production for projects that do not yet justify the initial expense of glass processing equipment.

Tapered Axicon Lens
Tapered Axicon Lens
20um Taper Ball
20um Taper Ball
300um Flash
  300um Flash


Credits for 3SAE Equipment Purchases

In many cases, clients engage 3SAE to build optical assemblies in the early stages of R&D, with equipment purchases to follow. In this type of scenario, we will allow for a portion of our services to be used as a credit towards the purchase of any 3SAE equipment. This enables clients to continue critical path development and accelerate their time to market.

Stacked End Cap Assembly 125um PM to Tapered 2mm Colliminating Ball Lens
Stacked End Cap Assembly 125um PM to Tapered 2mm Colliminating Ball Lens


Range of Capabilities and Applications

Our splicing and glass processing service capabilities include industry standard as well as one of a kind and custom applications such as:

  • Flat and angled cleaving of large diameter, micro cladding, photonic crystal, holey, shaped, internally structured or round optical fibers.
  • Stripping of acrylate, ETFE and harsh environment coatings such as polyimide, carbon and certain metallic coatings
  • Hot air burst, arc plasma and thermal mechanical fiber stripping for high strength end or mid span stripping
  • Cleaning of bare fibers using superheated air, arc plasma or ultrasonic chemical cleaning
  • Fusing of fiber end caps, beam expanders, collimators, GRIN lenses and prisms
  • Fused capillary over-tube or collapse
  • Combining/bundling of multiple fibers for high power fiber laser applications both capillary and non-capillary pump and pump/signal laser combiners. For example 3 to 1, 7 to 1, 6+1 to 1 and 19 to 1.
  • Creating various fiber tapers both long and short, from 2mm up to 60mm length
  • Fiber lensing with micron precision lens geometry with high speed and repeatability to includes ball lenses and tapered axicon lenses
  • Splicing of optical fibers ranging from large diameter to micro diameter fibers. Includes highly specialized optical fibers such as LMA, PCF, double-clad, silicon carbide, ZBLAN, borosilicate, chalcogenide and other soft glass
  • Optical fiber attenuators
  • Linear, bend and mandrel style tensile strength/ proof testing
  • Fiber protection services include fiber acrylate recoat, standard, custom and micro protection heat shrink sleeves

All splicing, processing and manufacturing capabilities are serviced from our global headquarters strategically located in Franklin, Tenn. USA.

7x1 Combiner 125um PM to 2mm 1.5mm to 1.8mm Hex
7x1 Combiner 125um PM to 2mm 1.5mm to 1.8mm Hex


3SAE's Complete Equipment Portfolio

3SAE is globally recognized as the dominant technology leader in providing a complete line of advanced fiber optic preparation tools and glass processing equipment. Specifications for our equipment portfolio are provided through the links below:

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