Used / Refurbished York PK FK12 Angle Cleaver

The FK12 Angled Fiber Cleaver sets the standard for low reflectance fiber termination of better than -60 dB. Fast and repeatable cleaving of fiber ends at user-selectable cleave angles (0° to 15° ) make it possible for installers to reduce the reflectance of mechanical splices and other fiber terminations without the use of index-matching gels. The FK12 is the tool of choice when quick fiber termination and low return loss are required for minimum cost.

The fiber is secured in the clamps and put under controlled tension. When using the FK12, the torsion required to achieve the desired angle cleave angle is set. Tension is then applied, and the ultrasonic vibrating diamond blade is moved toward the fiber. The result, depending on the cleaver used, is a clean, flat or angled fiber that is ready for splicing or testing.

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Product Features

> Provides tension prior to cleaving for a clean cleave, ensuring
no damage to glass.

> Long life with durable blade provides extended use.

> Versatile - cleaves a wide range of fiber types and sizes.

> Clean - no contamination during cleaving.

> Easy-to-use - fast terminations reduce installation or pigtailing costs




Product Features

> Fiber Diameter: 125um

> Maximum Fiber Buffer Diameter: 250um diameter

> Minimum Cleave Length: 6mm (23 inches)

> Cleave Angle Settings: 0° to 15°

> <1° typical (2 standard deviations repeatability at 8° setting)

>Battery: 9V alkaline; estimated battery life > 10,000 cleaves

> Weight: 1.1 kg (2.4lbs)

> Dimensions (H x W x D): 75 x 153 x 150mm (3.0 x 6.0 x 5.9 inches)