Fitel S184 Fusion Splicer

With Ring of Fire® Technology

The FITEL S184 Fusion Splicer features 3SAE Technologies’ “Ring of Fire®”. This three-phase wide area plasma technology enables splicing of large cladding fibers, as well as flame polishing and core diffusion capability. It is the perfect solution for advanced OEM, R&D, and other specialized applications. It delivers:

• Extremely stable, controllable, and repeatable heating over a large range of intensity

• Wide area heat zone to enable advanced splicing techniques

• Uniformly wide arc coverage to allow for splicing of larger diameter fibers

• Extremely high thermal power with negligible tungsten deposits compared to competing processes

Product Features

>Three electrodes

>Smooth rotation mechanism

>Flat fiber holder platform

>Automatic adjustment for fiber size/length

>Simple operation

>Intuitive interface




Technical Specs

Applicable Fibers: SMF, MMF, DSF, HighΔF, PMF, LDF

Fibers Cleave Length: 5 mm with coating clamping / 9 to 11 mm with bare Fiber clamping

Cladding Diameter: 80 ~ 1200 μm (S184PM covers up to 600 μm)

Coating Diameter: 160 ~ 2000 μm

Typical Insertion Loss: (Similar Fiber Splicing) 0.03 dB for identical SMF

Typical Extinction Ratio: (Cross Talk) (Similar Fiber Splicing) -35 dB (1.0 degree) for identical PANDA Fiber

Loss Estimation Parameters: Cleave angle, fiber offset, tilt, micro-bending, fiber end gap, bubbling at splice point

Dimensions / Weight: 350W × 197D × 154H mm / 8.8 kg