Fitel S183 PM II

The S183PMII Advanced Fusion Splicer was designed specififically for the demanding production and research applications of the optical components industry, being capable of:

• Splicing specialty and exotic fiber combinations
• Very large diameter fiber splicing (up to 500 μm)
• Polarization maintaining fiber splicing
• High-strength splicing application.

Product Features

>Specialty Splicing Made Easy

.>Fast Splice Time

>Quick Loading & Automatic Machine Adjustment

>Automatic Fiber Holder Release













Technical Specs

Applicable Fibers: SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF, CSF, DCF, EDF, PMF, LDF

Fibers Cleave Length: 3 to 5mm with coating clamping / 9 to 11mm with bare Fiber clamping

Cladding Diameter: 80~500μm

Coating Diameter: 160~2000μm

Heating Time: 51 seconds for 60mm sleeves; 40 seconds for 40mm sleeves

Tensile Strength: Typical 300kpsi (25N) with High strength splice
Return Loss >60dB

Splice Programs: 60 Default / 150 Available

Data Interface: USB ver1.1 and Ethernet

Splice Memory: Maximim 2000 splices

Magnification: 215X & 430X

Operating Temperature: 0 to +40°F (without excessive humidity)

Monitor: 6” 5-color LCD monitor

Storage Temperature: -40 to +60°F (without excessive humidity)

Video Output: Analog RGB

Power Source AC 100 to 240V (50 / 60Hz)with AC adaptor