Fitel S122 Fusion Splicer

Available Modes: S122A, S122M12, S122M4

With its super low profile and new user interface, the FITEL S122 series fusion splicer offers next generation workability for every splicing field, FTTX, LAN, backbone, or long-haul installations. Combining the portability, power flexibility and fi eld ruggedness of FITEL’s previous generation of hand-held splicers with the proven quality and performance of our ribbon splicers, the S122 delivers fast and consistent splicing with outstanding mobility and extreme ease-of-use.

Download S122 3mm Video | Download S122 900um Video

Download S122A Video | Download S122M12 Video

Product Features

>Superb Mobility and Workability

>Rugged Body

>New GUI & LCD Screen

>Multi-Window Fiber Display

>Fast and Accurate

>Enhanced Ease of Use

>Real Time Arc Control

>Fiber Clamp Vibration System (S122M8 and S122M12 only)

>Automatic Fiber Count Identification

>RoHS and Telcordia (GR-765-CORE for S122A / C, GR-1095 CORE for S122M4 / M8 / M12) Compliant




Technical Specs

Fiber Types: SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF

Cladding Diameter: 125 μm

Coating Diameter: 250 μm to 900 μm for single fiber
280 μm to 400 μm for ribbon (thickness)(S122M4, S122M8, S122M12)

Average Splice Loss: SMF: 0.05 dB, MMF: 0.03 dB, DSF: 0.08 dB, NZDSF: 0.08 dB

Splice Time: 13 sec. (S122A. S122C)
15 sec. (S122M4. S122M8. S122M12)

Heat Time: Single Fiber 37 sec. (40 mm), 51 sec. (60 mm)
Ribbon Fiber: 45 sec. (40 mm)

Tension Test: 1.96 N

Applicable Sleeve Length: 40 / 60 mm

Dimensions: 140W × 189L × 73H mm (S122A. S122C. S122M4),
140W × 189L × 86H mm (S122M8. S122M12)

Weight: 800 g / 1.8 lb. (S122A. S122C. S122M4),
960 g / 2.1 lb. (S122M8. S122M12),
170 g / 0.4 lb. (battery)