3SAE Lens Forming Station

The 3SAE Lens Forming Station (LFS) uses our patented Ring of Fire Technology® to allows users to process a fiber end or cleave into a ball lens of a user specified diameter.

Utilizing precision mechanics, integrated high contrast optics and automatic fiber alignment, the Lens Forming Station (LFS) is the only commercially available system specifically designed for high-volume manufacturing targeting ease of use, high-accuracy and process repeatability.

The Lens Forming Station (LFS) allows users to easily optimize a recipe to achieve a desired ball lens diameter utilizing 3SAE's glass processing control software by setting the target diameter and arc controls. Programmable pass/fail criteria including ball lens diameter, ball lens center and 3SAE's Effective Area Radius (EAR)™ measurement can also be adjusted on a per program basis. Additional limits can be set to ensure that a prepared fiber of proper diameter is being loaded by the operator before allowing the process to begin. All adjustable parameters can easily be locked out, offering simple "one button" control to the operator while allowing ultimate customization of recipes from an engineer level.

Real time image processing allows the user to view the lensing of a fiber in process. When lensing process is completed, the user is automatically alerted of pass/fail status based upon program specific criteria.

The 3SAE Lens Forming Station accommodates fiber diameters from 125 μm to 500 μm (clad O.D.), coating diameters up to 900 μm.

Fully Processed Ball Lens

3SAE's Effective Area Radius (EAR)™
measurement displays the radius along the
surface where the light exits the ball lens


Key Features

> Patented Ring of Fire® repeatability and stability is ideally suited for manufacturing or large scale production

> 3SAE proprietary-alloy electrodes couple extended life with high thermal power generation and low maintenance/cost

> The electrodes generate negligible tungsten deposits and require no specialized shielding gas or external vacuum

> 3SAE's Effective Area Radius (EAR)™ measurement displays the radius along the surface where the light exits the ball lens

> Machine can be rotated to accommodate multiple applications

Technical Specifications

> Dimensions: 333 (W) x 224 (D) x 353 (H) mm (without adjustable feet)

> Optical: 2 Mega pixel, B&W camera with dual telocentric 2X lens and intensity controllable LED backlight

> Alignment: Automatic X, Y & Z alignment, rotational fiber holder (theta) and fixed vacuum v groove

> Power Source: (1) 12VDC@100W, (1) 24VDC@200W

> Control / Operation: Each system ships with PC system with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System, Serial communication to 3SAE Lens Forming Station mother board, USB 2.0 video, LFS Executable Software and a 23" – 1920 x 1080 High res wide screen monitor

Standard Package and Accessories

Product Part Number Qty
Lens Forming Station LFS-01-0100  
Standard Package    
250um LFS Fiber Holder ACC-01-0168 1
400um LFS Fiber Holder ACC-01-0170 1
900um LFS Fiber Holder ACC-01-0172 1
Electrode Cleaning Disc CON-06-0006 1
Spare Electrodes SPT-10-1638 3
Measuring Gauge SPT-01-3144 1
12V Power Supply ACC-01-0175 1
24V Power Supply ACC-01-0147 1
Optional Components    
Electrode Cleaning Disc
CON-06-0006 1
Electrodes ROF (Sold Individually)
SPT-10-1638 1
3SAE Thermal Stripper, High Strength Adjustable Extended Rail – Generic F/H ACC-01-0212 1
3SAE Thermal Stripper, High Strength Extended Rail – Generic F/H ACC-01-0215 1
3SAE Automatic Electrode Cleaner ACC-01-0143 1