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3SAE Thermal Stripper - High Strength

High Strength Thermal Stripper

The 3SAE Thermal Strippers are compact, easy-to-use ­fiber stripping units designed to thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical ­fibers.

The High Strength Thermal Stripper supports standard 125 μm optical ­fibers, including 250 μm, 400 μm, and 900 μm coated ­fibers. Adjustable temperature and time settings allow it to adapt to stripping a variety of different coatings. The precision, self-centering blade design produces high strength stripping performance unmatched by previous flat blade strippers.

The High Strength Adjustable Thermal Stripper supports optical ­fibers with cladding diameters from 30 μm to 1000 μm, with buffer diameters up to 1200 μm. This includes standard 250 μm, 400 μm, and 900 μm coated ­fibers. Adjustable temperature and time settings allow it to adapt to stripping a variety of different coatings and cladding sizes.

3SAE's complete line of preparation tools, including the 3SAE Thermal Strippers, are configurable for use with Fitel, Fujikura, 3SAE or Ericsson fiber holders.  Use of fiber holders provides a repeatable handling process across strip, clean, cleave and splice equipment for high strength splicing and improved yield.

3SAE's complete line of fiber holder compatible preparation tools incorporates the 3SAE Thermal Stripper, 3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner, and 3SAE fiber cleavers.

Product Features

>Compact, low-maintenance bench top design

>High Strength version supports standard 125 μm acrylate coated fiber with buffer diameters up to 900 μm

>Adjustable temperature and time settings to accommodate different
fiber coatings

>Available Fitel, Fujikura, 3SAE or Ericsson fiber holder compatible platforms

>Optional generic clamp for use without fiber holders


Technical Specs

> Dimensions: 129.5 (W) x 73.5 (D) x 71 (H) mm

> Weight: 445 grams

> Power Source: Input: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

> Supported Fiber Types: High Strength: 125 μm coated; Adjustable: 30
– 1000 μm coated

> Supported Fiber Buffers: High Strength: 250 – 900 μm; Adjustable: 80
– 1200 μm

> Adjustable Temperature Range: 60 – 200 °C, or ambient


Standard Package and Accessories

Product Part Number Qty
Thermal Stripper (High Strength)    
Fitel/Fujikura/3SAE Fiber Holder Compatible ACC-01-0044  
Ericsson Fiber Holder Compatible ACC-01-0037  
Generic (No Fiber Holder Required) ACC-01-0062  
Thermal Stripper (High Strength Adjustable)    
Fitel/Fujikura/3SAE Fiber Holder Compatible ACC-01-0059  
Ericsson Fiber Holder Compatible ACC-01-0060  
Generic (No Fiber Holder Required) ACC-01-0055  
Standard Package    
Power Supply SPT-10-0043 1
Power Cord
FPU-02-0037 1
Cleaning Brush FPU-01-0124 1
User's Manual N/A 1
Optional Components    
Fitel/Fujikura/3SAE Compatible Fiber Holder Platform ACC-01-0085  
Ericsson Compatible Fiber Holder Platform ACC-01-0086  
Generic Platform (No Fiber Holder Required) ACC-01-0087