3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver (LFC)

The 3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver (LFC) is a cost effective, high precision cleaver designed for fibers with cladding diameters ranging from 125 – 550 µm. Like the 3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver II (LCC II), the 3SAE LFC includes a unique universal clamping system that accommodates its full diameter range. With maximum portability, the LFC provides ease of use, high quality cleave angle performance, and repeatability for high volume manufacturing, R&D;, or field repairs of fiber lasers. The 3SAE LFC can optionally leverage an integrated backstop that provides enhanced cleave performance for structured fibers. This simple and elegant design makes for a robust and low maintenance tool essential for large diameter fiber cleaving.

Factory: With its small footprint and ease of use, the LFC is deal for optical work bench spaces. The LFC with fiber holder compatibility can be used with most commercially available fusion splicers and preparation tools providing a complete handling process for high yield product throughput.

Field: With the LFC, the 3SAE field splicing kit provides a complete, first of its kind portable LD splicing solution. The 3SAE field splicing kit incorporates the battery operated, light weight LFS, Fitel S178 LD fusion splicer, 3SAE Thermal Stripper, 3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner and 3SAE Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester.


Key Features

> Compact, low-maintenance bench top design

> For fiber claddings from 125 to 550μm and coating up to 900μm

> Low cleave angles with flat end faces

> Powered with battery or external battery supply

> Available platforms that support Fitel, Fujikura, 3SAE or bare fiber


Technical Specifications

> Dimensions: 150 (W) x 100 (D) x 60 (H) mm, 150 (W) x 100 (D) x 80 (H) mm (including lever)

> Weight: 1.1 kg

> Power Source: Battery (2 x AA) or external power supply (100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz)

> Supported fiber cladding: 125 to 550μm

> Supported fiber coating: 250 to 900μm

Standard Package and Accessories

Product Part Number Qty
3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver (LFC) CLV-09-0001  
Standard Package    
Power Supply ACC-09-0001 1
Fitel/Fujikura Fiber Holder Platform ACC-09-0004 1
Tool Kit ACC-09-0003 1
User's Manual N/A 1
Optional Components    
Bare Fiber Adaptor ACC-09-0002  
Replacement Diamond Blade CON-09-0010