3SAE is globally recognized as the dominant technology leader in providing a complete line of advanced fiber optic preparation tools and high performance fusion splicers. 3SAE provides fusion splicing technologies for all applications of fiber preparation, fiber fusion splicing, and optical glass fiber processing. Our products include high-strength thermal fiber strippers & mid-span window strippers, ultrasonic fiber cleaners, ultrasonic diamond blade tension cleavers, and fiber optic fusion splicers. Our product line features the world’s most technically advanced large diameter fiber cleaver and large diameter fiber splicer for LD splicing, Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) splicing, fiber tapering, fiber bundling, optical fiber combining, mode field adapters (MFA), and end cap splicing.

Large Diameter Fiber Processing (LDF)

Cleaving, Splicing, Tapering, End Capping, and Bundling (Pump Combiners). Processing for fiber diameters up to 2.5mm.

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Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Fiber Fusion Splicers utilizing 2 and 3 electrode plasma technology for low loss, high strength standard and specialty splicing up to 2.5mm

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Fiber Optic End Capping

Complete solutions for the preparation and manufacturing of fiber optic end caps.

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Fiber Optic Tapering

Precision motion control and a thermally stable Ring of Fire® produce tapers with repeatable adiabatic transmission.

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Fiber Optic Lensing

Complete solutions for the preparation and manufacturing of fiber optic lenses.

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Fiber Optic Combiners

Optical Combiner Development (OCD) system featuring Ring of Fire® for Pump Combiner manufacturing.

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Photonic Crystal Fiber Splicing

Complete solutions for the preparation and splicing of Photonic Crystal Fiber Processing, PCF.

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Fiber Optic Stripping

Thermal-mechanical, Burst™ and Plasma Technology. Solutions for acrylate, polyimide, carbon and specialty coatings.

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Fiber Optic Cleaning

Ultrasonic, Burst™, and Plasma Technology provide ultra clean fibers essential for high performance applications.

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Fiber Optic Cleaving

Scribe, Ultrasonic and Polishing. Minimize cleave angles and maximize surface quality for fiber diameters, 80um to 2.5mm

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Fiber Bragg Gratings

Solutions for the production of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs).

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Fiber Optic Testing

Equipment for the endface inspection and proof testing of optical fibers.

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