Custom Engineering

3SAE Technologies

3SAE Technologies has since its inception worked to bring innovation to optical fiber assembly processes. We soon discovered that it was difficult to rely on vendors that lacked an understanding of the technical requirements of the fiber optics industry. Therefore, we have steadily acquired in-house capability to support our product development and the special requirements of our customers.

Specific areas of expertise include manufacturing, process development, modeling & simulation, custom packaging, computer programming, automation and software development. We can design, prototype, and produce precision-machined automated tools with fully customized embedded system control for a wide variety of fiber-optic applications. Our fully equipped in-house CAD/CAM machine shop enables very short prototype cycles to accelerate the development process. Our on-staff machinists are experienced in working with the tight tolerances and exotic materials required to manufacture optical fiber tools.

The 3SAE custom engineering group has designed and built product solutions for many unique applications in the industry. We specialize in custom add-ons or modifications to any of our own products as well as those of our partner Furukawa/FITEL.

Members of this engineering department are experienced specialists who are highly trained in all areas of design, prototyping, development and customization of advanced optical equipment. Each member has an exceptional technical background and/or formal education in one or more of the following areas: Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Software Engineering.