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Furukawa Electric FITEL® S185 Fusion Splicers Target Specialty Optical Fiber Splicing
February 1, 2019

2019 SPIE Photonics West, Booth 1559, San Francisco, California, February 5, 2019 — Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the FITEL S185 series of Fusion Splicers specifically designed for splicing specialty optical fibers used in optical components, fiber lasers, and optical sensors.

As manufacturers increasingly use specialized fibers for constructing optical components and fiber lasers, conventional fusion splicers are proving unwieldy, expensive, and unsuitable for these applications. By emphasizing functions critical to manufacturing and removing extraneous features, Furukawa created the S185 Fusion Splicer series – a line of more compact, cost-effective, and efficient splicers for use in production and with specialized fibers including Polarization-Maintaining Fiber (PM Fiber) and Large-Diameter Fiber (LDF).

The FITEL S185 Fusion Splicer series currently features three splicers: the S185PM, the S185HS, and the S185LDF. While the S185PM and S185HS splicers are designed for use with PM Fiber for optical components, the S185LDF splicer was developed for use with LDF in constructing and maintaining fiber lasers. The S185 Fusion Splicer series offers a variety of compelling features including:

  • Low Splice Loss – a new mechanism ensures even greater accuracy in fiber alignment;
  • Compact main body/footprint;
  • Portability with built-in battery (optional);
  • Easy operation by LCD screen with touch panel;
  • Clamp Soft-Landing – reduces the chance of fiber damage (fiber clamp can be detached from the canopy).

A fourth splicer in the series, the S185PMLDF, is designed for splicing PM-LDF optical fiber and is projected for launch in June 2019. The FITEL S185 Fusion Splicer series is on display at the Photonics West Show in OFS Booth 1559 and 3SAE Technologies, Inc. booth 4985.

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