Join 3SAE Technologies at Photonics West 2019, Booth #4985

 February 5-7, 2019

We invite you to visit 3SAE Technologies as we demonstrate our glass processing and fusion splicing technologies featuring plasma, CO2, adhesive bonding and next generation alignment solutions. 3SAE’s task-specific and universal glass processing equipment leads the way with the most advanced, flexible, cost effective services and equipment solutions.

New Products and Technologies for 2019 

3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver 3 (LCC3)
The 3SAE Liquid Clamp Cleaver 3, is 3SAE’s third generation, high precision optical fiber cleaver for circular and shaped fibers from 125μm to 1000μm. The LCC3 is designed for standard, non-angle cleaving.  The LCC3’s improved temperature control system rapidly liquefies and solidifies the alloy as needed, resulting in a significant reduction in the cleaving process cycle time. LCC3’s improved system reliability and mechanical design provide consistent cleaving results across the fiber diameter range. 

3SAE Laser Processing Station II (LPSII)
The Laser Processing Station II (LPSII), is 3SAE’s second-generation, CO2-based, laser etching station designed for ablating optical fibers. The LPSII’s compact design, a 70% reduction in overall size from its predecessor, and operational versatility make it the perfect embodiment for both R&D and manufacturing environments.

3SAE Dodecapod (Machine Vision Based 12-Axis Automatic AlignmentSystem)
The Dodecapod is 3SAE’s patent pending sub-micron, machine vision based, automatic alignment technology. This next generation alignment system leverages 3SAE’s 17+ years of design expertise in fusion splicing, glass processing and custom automated equipment development. The positioning system, vision system and the automatic software are all modular and can be readily customized for optical test alignment, epoxy bonding applications and next generation glass processing. 

NorthLab Photonics Polyimide Fiber Recoater (ProCoater PI)
The ProCoater PI is a fully automatic polyimide fiber recoater specifically designed for full-scale production as well as R&D applications. The ProCoater PI uses a unique process to apply the polyimide resin along a fiber with a total recoated length of 150 mm.  An unlimited number of windows can be recoated within this region.

For more information or to request a quote, please visit our website at www.3sae.com, contact Sales at sales@3sae.com or via phone (615) 778-8812.
Please visit 3SAE Technologies at booth #4985 or contact us to schedule a demo at our booth for your specific application.
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