FITEL S185 Fusion Splicers Include Free Online Splice Recipe Database & Optimizations

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With four models to choose from, FITEL’s S185 fusion splicer series is quickly becoming the industry standard for all levels of optical fiber splice manufacturing and lab splicing environments alike. FITEL now brings you another industry first by including Furukawa’s master splice recipe database (FiberBank) and all of your future custom splice optimizations for free with every FITEL S185 machine.

The FITEL S185 series provides a compact, low-cost design ideal for users splicing 80µm to 500µm fibers. Its straightforward user interface, small form factor and unparalleled portability deliver high performance splice results in challenging specialty fiber applications. So whether you are splicing 80µm to 150µm fibers or 80µm to 500µm, FITEL’s S185s match your exact needs at a very aggressive price point. Select from these four S185 2-electrode models:

• S185HS (80-150um) High Strength, Non-PM

• S185PM (80-150um) High Strength, Supports PM

• S185LDF (80-500um) High Strength, LD, Non-PM

• S185PMLDF (80-500um) High Strength, LD, Supports PM

          (See full S185 product details here.)

Now 3SAE customers can enjoy the power of these machines along with online access to high-value specialty fiber splice recipes and the guarantee of free splice optimizations for the life of their S185 machines. Furukawa’s new FiberBank database can help streamline your R&D and manufacturing operations, while cutting your recipe development costs to zero.

If you need a specific fiber combination recipe currently not in the database, 3SAE will develop the recipe for you at no cost and add it to FiberBank. Furukawa will continue to expand FiberBank as new specialty fiber recipes are developed and qualified.

Customers can easily download FiberBank recipes directly to any S185 machine using the FITEL Splice Data Explorer 2 software or a USB memory stick.

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