Announcing Discontinuation of Ericsson Fusion Splicer Support; Introducing New FITEL S185 Series From Furukawa Electric Co.

Since 2002 and well past the discontinuation of Ericsson’s Fusion Splicer Line in 2006, 3SAE Technologies has provided support for Ericsson splicers as the only authorized North American Ericsson Service Center. After 17 years of reliable service, the Ericsson Fusion Splicer has finally reached its global end of life due to lack of spare parts and excessive age of the equipment. As a result, 3SAE Technologies will no longer be providing Ericsson equipment support.

For our customers with Ericsson fusion splicers currently operating in a manufacturing environment, please contact us for planned discontinuation and transition support.

For all other Ericsson splicers, please note our discontinuation schedule worldwide:

Service and Repair:                                     Discontinued immediately.
Spare Parts and Accessories:                     Discontinued immediately.
Consumables:                                             Limited availability, please contact 3SAE                                                                                                          for details.

With the market’s limited choices in specialty fusion splicing equipment, 3SAE made a strategic decision to prolong the service and support of Ericsson until a suitable replacement became available. That time has arrived.

Furukawa Electric Co. has just released a new break-through design in specialty fusion splicers that can meet the market’s demands in specialty fusion splicing — and do so at a more affordable price point. We are pleased to offer what is now the industry’s newest and most compact specialty fusion splicer line — the FITEL S185 series. This new design began as a collaborative effort with Furukawa Electric and leveraging 3SAE and global customer feedback. The result is a reliable, lower-cost, compact fusion splicer that is the ideal replacement for the Ericsson fusion splicer.

The FITEL S185 is available in PM, Non-PM High Strength and Large Diameter Fiber models delivering exacting precision and low splice loss in a compact unit half the size of conventional models — all at a better price.
As with the Ericsson product line, 3SAE is offering turnkey sales, service, support, and training for the complete line of FITEL S185 products and accessories.

Founded in 2001, 3SAE Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes turnkey glass processing and fusion splicing systems. We’ve been a proud technology partner of Furukawa Electric Co. for over 13 years.
Please contact 3SAE Technologies if you have any questions regarding the Ericsson splicer discontinuation or if you are interested in learning more about FITEL S185 fusion splicers.


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