3SAE Technologies Introduces New Bend Proof Tester and Cleaver for Large Diameter Fiber

Innovative designs meet need for low-cost, large diameter splicing accessories

(FRANKLIN, Tenn.) Jan. 31, 2014 — 3SAE Technologies, a dominant leader in advanced fiber optic preparation tools and glass processing equipment, will introduce a new Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester and Fiber Cleaver at Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco, Feb. 4-6.

“Large diameter splicing presents its own set of unique challenges,” said Don Grasso, Chief Executive Officer of 3SAE Technologies. “Finally, these unique tools bring low-cost, large diameter splicing accessories to the market and address critical industry needs without sacrificing performance in the factory or field,” Grasso said.

The new Bend Proof Tester, designed and manufactured by 3SAE, is also the first commercially available unit for testing the mechanical splice strength of large diameter fibers measuring 250um to 1mm.

Additionally, the new Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver is a compact, battery-operated unit that specifically accommodates fiber diameters from 125um to 550um. This unit is designed and manufactured by NorthLab Photonics in Stockholm, Sweden, to meet the need for an affordable large diameter fiber cleaver suitable for both factory and field use. NorthLab has served as 3SAE’s European master distributor and service/support center for over five years and the two companies recently entered into a joint private label agreement to expand their product lines and brands globally.

Photonics companies from around the world will have the opportunity to demo 3SAE’s new Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester and Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver in 3SAE’s booth #4936 at Photonics West.

For more information, contact 3SAE Technologies at 866-598-5913 or visit www.3SAE.com.

About 3SAE Technologies

3SAE Technologies Inc. (www.3SAE.com) is globally recognized as the dominant technology leader in providing a complete line of advanced fiber optic preparation tools and glass processing equipment. Headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., 3SAE Technologies’ patented technologies meet the demanding requirements of many specialized markets including high power fiber lasers, medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, OEM and fiber optic components. For complete details, visit www.3SAE.com.


About NorthLab Photonics

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, NorthLab Photonics is a European distribution and competence center for advanced fiber preparation, splicing and glass/fiber processing. Its products and services are specifically designed for a wide array of applications from manufacturing of Fiber Lasers, Mode Field Adapters (MFA) and Combiners/Bundles to preparation and splicing of polyimide, exotic and Large Diameter Fibers. For more details, visit www.NorthLabPhotonics.com.



Contact:         Sam Barker, 3SAE Technologies Inc., sbarker@3SAE.com, (866) 598-5913

Tolga Kocas, NorthLab Photonics, tolga.kocas@northlab.se, +46 8 7880882


3SAE Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester (BPT)

3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver (LFC)


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