3SAE Introduces First of Its Kind Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester (BPT)

The 3SAE Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester (BPT) is the first commercially available tool for testing the mechanical integrity of large diameter fibers/splices with cladding diameters measuring 250 μm to 1 mm. The mechanical testing of large diameter fibers using linear tensile technology is impractical to achieve a meaningful strain per cross-sectional area. The BPT accomplishes an equivalent tensile test by inducing a controlled bend in the fiber while automatically rotating the fiber about its axis. In this manner, the BPT controls peak strain time and ensures that the fiber is qualified around its circumference. The simple design is easy to use and requires minimal setup and training to achieve consistent results while requiring no costly calibration procedures.

Factory: With its small footprint and short cycle time, it easily integrates into any existing production facility or process. The BPT features easy loading and automatic rotation and strain release.

Field: With the BPT, the 3SAE field splicing kit provides a complete, first of its kind portable LD field splice testing capability. The 3SAE field splicing kit incorporates the 3SAE Bend Proof Tester (BPT), Fitel S178 LD fusion splicer, 3SAE Thermal Stripper, 3SAE Ultrasonic Cleaner, and 3SAE Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver (LFC).


3SAE Large Diameter Bend Proof Tester (BPT)

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