3SAE Technologies

3SAE Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee where we provide a suite of advanced fusion splicing products ranging from standard and LDF fiber optic fusion splicers, LDF cleavers, fiber strippers, ultrasonic and plasma cleaners, adiabatic fiber tapering, fused fiber bundles and optical fiber pump combiners. We manufacture equipment for large diameter fiber cleaving including our patent pending liquid clamp fiber cleaver for applications in high power fiber lasers, MFA fabrication and Photonic Crystal fiber fusion splicing. 3SAE Technologies is a Fitel Authorized OEM distributor for the complete line of Fitel Fusion Splicers including the S185 fusion splicer, the S184 fusion splicer, the S183 PM II fusion splicer, the S179 fusion splicer, and the S153 fusion splicer. In addition, 3SAE is the only authorized Ericsson Fusion Splicer Repair Center in North America. Visit our refurbished equipment page.

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